Every fourth Sunday of the month during Mass. Parents are required to schedule an appointment with a Priest four weeks prior to Baptism.


Godparents are to help “the baptized person to lead a Christian life in keeping with Baptism and to fulfill faithfully the obligations” of being a Christian (Code of Cannon Law c. 872).  Because godparents have this important role to play in their godchildren’s lives, each godparent must be- 
     1.)  14 years of age or older.
A Catholic who has been Baptized and received First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Practicing the Catholic faith, including REGULAR ATTENDANCE at Sunday Mass (except in case of illness or other just cause),
If married, married in the Catholic Church (Code of Canon Law c. (874).
For persons not in the parish a note from the pastor of church to which the Godparent attends  indicating that he or she is in good standing with the Catholic faith is required.

A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic Church may not be godparent, but can be a witness to the baptism, together with the Catholic sponsor.

Call the rectory at (718) 574-5772 for further questions or any help we can give you.

Our Confirmation Preparatory Program is modeled after the Diocese of Brooklyn's Guidelines for Confirmation, in which the use of doctrine, spiritual formation, works of charity, and liturgical observances are integrated into a comprehensive, year-long process. 

Through prayers, retreats, classes, small group discussions, service projects, and working with an adult spiritual mentor (or 'Sponsor'), young people will be able to recognize & understand the presence of God's Holy Spirit within themselves as well as His people.  Equally as important, they will be able to identify themselves as active members of the Catholic Christian Community.

As a primary requirement, Confirmation Candidates must be in their 9th year of school to begin the preparation process.  The earliest candidates can be confirmed in the Spirit is the spring semester of that year.  Our program is open to all High School youth.

For more information please contact Father Alonzo, our pastor or Fr. Daniel, our parochial vicar.


Arrangements must be made seven (7) months prior to your wedding date.

You may reach Fr. Cox and Fr. Kingsley either by email or by calling the rectory at (718) 574-5772.

The Catholic Church does not reserve the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick just for the dying but also for those who are chronically ill or about to undergo surgery. 

Please call the rectory at (718) 574-5772 to make arrangements.


Everyone who is baptized into Christ received the call to be a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some respond by being parents, by taking up various professions, others respond by dedicating their lives in the service of the Lord through the priesthood, the diaconate or as a member of a religious community.

Those who feel called into discernment to the priesthood, diaconate, or a religious community are invited to speak with Fr. Alonzo Cox, our pastor.