From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Parishioners,

Today is the last Sunday in the month of October. We have seen record breaking warm temperatures that is seems more like summer than Fall. The colder crisp weather is on its way though! This week we have two big liturgical feast days, but before we get to those, we have Halloween. Halloween has been extremely commercialized. The origins of Halloween are built upon a Christian foundation. Halloween was known as All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints Day. Traditionally children would dress up as saints, praying through their intercession. Now we see something completely different. As a kid growing up, I enjoyed the activities of Halloween but I do recognize the negative aspects that now have been associated with the holiday. I pray that our young boys and girls enjoy Halloween this year and that they will trick or treat safely through our neighborhood.

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

This Wednesday, November 1 is All Saints Day. We give thanks to God for the saints in heaven who intercede for us. On the day of our Confirmation, we were asked to choose a saint to imitate. I invite all of us to pray to that saint on this special day, asking for their guidance and strength to live as faithful and holy witnesses of the Lord. It is a Holy Day of obligation. Masses will be celebrated at 8:00AM at OLV, 12:00Noon at SPC and 7:30PM at HR. The next day, November 2 is All Souls Day, in which we remember the faithful departed. Masses that day will be celebrated at 8:00AM at OLV and 7:30PM at HR.

Parish Feast Day Mass

Next Sunday we will commemorate the Feast of St. Martin dePorres, our parish patron. As is the custom, we will all gather together for Mass next Sunday, November 5 at Our Lady of Victory Church. Mass will be celebrated at 10:30AM. There will be just one Mass celebrated next Sunday. There will be a Saturday night Vigil Mass at 5:00PM at St. Peter Claver Church.

Phantom of the Opera

This Friday, November 3 we will have a special live musical presentation and silent film screening of Phantom of the Opera. Our parish music director, Mr. Rasaan Bourke and colleague Jason Moncreif will provide the music with the silent film. It will take place at Our Lady of Victory Church beginning at 7:30PM. There will be refreshments provided both before and after the film. Please be sure to join us and bring a friend.

Annual Catholic Appeal 2017

Inserted into this week’s bulletin is another flyer about the Annual Catholic Appeal. It is a chart highlighting how each family in our parish can contribute towards achieving our ACA goal of $59,519 by the end of the year. Again, I thank each of you for your continued support and generosity here at St. Martin dePorres.


Have a great week,

Father Alonzo Cox